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Dirt toys take a lot of abuse. Whether you ride track, enduro, motocross, baja or any other off road inspired sport, following a maintenance schedule is crucial for a well running, reliable, machine that won't leave you stranded in the middle of the desert with only a couple beers you brought to enjoy on top of that mountain you were going to climb but INSTEAD YOU'RE STRUGGLING FOR SURVIVAL BECAUSE YOUR BIKE BROKE DOWN!...Or maybe you just want the fastest, most capable machine on the planet and you'll fix it when it breaks. We do this stuff...We get you....

Whether you are one of those crazy bastards who likes carving up California's amazing canyons or you take your need for speed to the track, one thing is for sure, you do not want any component of that 2 wheeled pavement dancer to fail on you. Whether you are looking for some simple maintenance or a full blown corner slayer, we're here to help.

The cruiser world is dominated by one name, Harley Davidson. These steel dragons have a particular sound and feel to them that cannot be mistaken. Maybe you're looking to get the best performance out of your daily driver, or possibly wanting a more comfortable ride for your passenger, or maybe you just want to leave a solid black line through every intersection that dare stop you. We can help get you there.

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Top End Replacement

Whether you ride 2 stroke or 4 stroke, having a solid top end is the first step in getting the most power out of your ride. When we do top ends, the end result is a perfectly matched cylinder/piston. Every cylinder gets either honed, bored, or re-sleeved depending on it's current condition and customer requests. The cylinder and piston are matched to ensure a sealed combustion chamber, resulting in the biggest bang possible.

Carburetor Rebuild

Carburetors can be finicky little monsters. The simplest things make huge differences and if they aren't clean, they are undoubtedly not performing like they should. We completely dismantle every piece in the carburetor. Worn pieces(o-rings, gaskets, valves) get replaced and all salvageable pieces go through our fail-proof cleaning process. Once everything is cleaned we reassemble, install, sync, and tune. If there have been any engine modifications(exhaust, air filters, head work, etc...) we will then be able to go back in and jet the carbs to accommodate any modifications.

Power Valve

Most 2 cycle engines have a restrictor in the exhaust port called the "power valve". This allows the exhaust to slightly open or close at certain intervals in the RPM range. Having a properly adjusted and polished power valve will greatly increase the velocity of the exhaust leading to a much snappier throttle. When you pair this with a perfectly matched cylinder and piston combination, the results are amazing.

Valve Adjustment

Valves are one of those necessary evils that keep your engine running properly. If valves are out of spec they can give all sorts of different symptoms and rob you of performance and reliability. Valve adjustments are recommended at factory service intervals and consist of measuring and adjusting the clearance between the camshaft lobe and valve. These will most likely involve adjusting tappet clearance or physically changing the shim height to attain proper specs. We also offer performance head work and valve work for all of you power junkies out there.

Suspension Service

Today's mx and street bikes come with very sophisticated suspension, with an infinite amount of adjustability.  Tuning the suspension for your riding style and skill-set is, hands down, the best thing you will ever do to your on or off road machine.  A basic suspension service which consists of disassembling the entire fork (or shock), cleaning, inspecting, and replacing any worn parts and reassembling the unit with new seals, using quality oil of the proper weight, set at the correct height, will improve the functionality of your stock suspension. If you're looking to improve your ride and performance then get in touch with us for some re-valving / tuning options. We can help get your machine to ride like a Cadillac.

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