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Jake is an amazing mechanic. Not only does he do a great job at getting your bike running, but he does it for the quarter of the price a shop would cost you. To be honest I would go to him over any shop. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. Not only will he help get you bike running, he will explain to you exactly what he is doing if you ask. I would recommend him to my best friend but to my family as well. If you want a great mechanic, who will get the job done at a very fair price choose Jake.


This shop is a great place to go if you are looking for a cheap but excellent repair. Jake picked up my dinged up Ducati 750 Monster, and fixed it at a very reasonable price in a timely fashion. He makes you feel comfortable and explains the situation before he does any work. He even gave me websites where I could personally order the parts, so I could make sure I wasnt getting cheated on the prices. Overall, a great place to get work done.


I had been searching craigslist services and saw Jake's Sandbagger Cycle ads but I hesitated because I usually save up to take my bike to the dealer for repairs; however, this time I took a chance by trying out this new company and I am so glad that I did. my CBR1100 has never run better! I recommend SandBagger Cycle Company to my family and friends because Jake has a passion for motorcycles and he can be trusted to deliver quality, prompt and friendly service.

Now I ride with confidence knowing that my bike is safe. I should also mention that I was blown away by how reasonable his prices were. I encourage you to take your bike to Jake you will be very glad you did!


I had a 1997 Triumph Daytona sitting in my garage for over 2 years that I had hoped to restore and get back on the road. Time kept passing and I got sick of seeing it sitting there so I finally starting looking for someone to help me get the job done. I fortunately found Jake at SandBagger Cycle!! I sent him an email with details of my bike and he responded immediately asking for pictures of the bike to see if he could do anything. After having a look at the pictures he made an appointment to come see the bike personally. He came to the house, looked over the bike, we discussed the work needed, made the deal, and he hauled the bike away that night!!

Jake is extremely knowledgeable and honest! He gave me constant updates on the bike and his work is top notch! When I got the bike back ( ON TIME ) he OVER delivered on his promises! Not only did the bike far exceed my expectations he did everything for less than all the quotes that I had received from other shops...I would recommend Sandbagger to anyone that needs any type of work done to a motorcycle!

The exceptional service did not end when he brought my bike back..To this day if I have any questions about my bikes I can call or text Jake and he always responds with his expertise and great advice..It's just the type of stand up guy that he is!!! For exceptional service at a great price look no further than SandBagger Cycle!!!


Man oh man. What a breath of fresh air to find someone who is honest and fair. Who also knows his craft!! Anyone looking to get ur motor bike worked on, hit jake up! He's the man. Thks man for coming from Fullerton to Malibu to take care of my needs. Much appreciated. U r now on my speed dial. Lol.


This review is long overdue;I first reached out to Jake about 2 yrs ago to button up a 10yr project that I had sitting in the garage. He was able to pick up my 91 ZX7 along with a few boxes of parts and tow it back to his home/shop. Since I was not in a rush I told him to take his time we kept in contact via email and text periodically he would update me with pics and status. Fast forward and that bike has been resurrected and back on the road thanks to Jake. After that project I asked Jake to troubleshoot a starting issue that I had with my custom chop,  Jake was patient and where others may have thrown their hands up in  defeat Jake was able to figure it out. After 2x successful projects Jake is taking on a 3rd, a custom scrambler for the wifey, that's how much I trust and appreciate his expertise. Prices are very reasonable and customer service and communication are stellar.


After having Jake fix my '96 Suzuki GSXR 1100, I don't think I can take my motorcycles anywhere else but to Sandbagger Cycle Company.  Normally I like to work on my motorcycles myself, but sometimes you just don't have the time or right tools or patience to do so.  

The reason I chose Jake was his professionalism and detail in the quote process.  Other shops basically just listed line item by line item the work I needed done and then a price.  They also wouldn't let me buy the parts, so that they can carry mark-up.  Jake didn't do any of this.  I was allowed to purchase and bring my own parts for him to install, and his quote was so detailed...breaking down each component of the scope of work and how its done.  After talking to Jake over the phone for the 1st time, it was then I realized I was taking my bike to Sandbagger. The wealth of information and the walk-through over the phone caught my attention.  Also, Jake spoke in a personal, yet professional matter, and it felt like talking to a friend as opposed to just feeling like another customer/client.  

Here's a list of the work that was done on gixxer:
- Complete carb clean and rebuild
- New jets and seals/gaskets
- Carb sync-ing and tuning
- New Petcock Valve kit and rebuild
- Fork Seal/Dust Cap and new fork oil
- Oil and filter change and install of new cover gaskets
- Spark Plug change
- New wheel bearings and spacers
- New battery
- Chain tension adjustment
- Raise tail height of bike
- Preload SAG to rider weight/height
- Lube cables
- Overall bike safety check to insure road ready
- Jake came to pick up my of charge.

I probably forgot a couple things on the list, but yeah.  The best thing about it?  His pricing is fair and low since he has no overhead costs.  Don't be fooled though...even though its out of his garage, he has 2 full lifts and has anything and everything tool-wise you'd need to build a bike from scratch.

I've very happy with the outcome of my bike and the experience with working with Jake and Sandbagger Cycle Company.  I'm already lined up to do HID headlights and a new starter next week.  The next major work would be a complete new exhaust system.  I've already referred a couple friends and co-workers to Sandbagger Cycle Co and they also told me they are happy and pleased with their bikes as well.

If you're on the fence about taking your bike here or somewhere else, just do yourself a favor and take it to Sandbagger Cycle Co.  They will take care of you and you will be glad you took it here.


Went to this guy to replace my sporty's handlebar .... and Boy I didn't make a mistake .... Jake is a very friendly and professional when it comes to dealing with customers ..... He surely does know what he's  doing .... Not to mention the very reasonable price of labor ... I am recommend this guy ....


I was looking around for a new mechanic  to get my 03 Suzuki Volusia back to running after sitting for over a year. I contacted Jake through the website and basically laid out my story and a request for an estimate. I promptly received a detailed response outlining what needed to get done with a break down of pricing. I had a great feeling just after the first email and decided to go ahead.
    I decided to have Jake tow my  bike to his shop as opposed to a tow company ( he picked it up himself) but he also offers on site  services depending on the job type.
Throughout the time my bike left me until I picked it up any email I sent to Jake got a timely thorough response. All in all a great experience, a great mechanic. Jake is reliable and trustworthy, I can tell he is passionate about his work and you can't put a price on someone like that. Everything was reasonable, and I'm very happy I found someone I can trust!


Jake is a one-of-a-kind mechanic in the Los Angeles area. My experience with SandBaggers was excellent.

My Story:
I'm a former body shop technician with ten years of experience back in Florida, but here in Los Angeles I have no shop or advanced toolkit to do the type of fixing I like to do. So when my '88 Honda Shadow VT800 stopped shifting through the gears, I was extremely frustrated that I couldn't get it up and running again myself. I went through every possible issue that could be dealt with without removing the engine (clutch fluid, clutch plates, force shift/start, etc.) but came to realize that my gearbox had been compromised in a major way.

Enter Jake:
My first conversation with Jake on the phone gave me a real sense of confidence. Standing out from the technicians that I talked to at other shops, who insisted that I would have to pay for (overpriced) towing and an expensive diagnostic before they would even consider repairs, Jake ACTUALLY BELIEVED what I said when I told him what the issue was. Basically, he respected me and my opinion from the very start. Jake suggested that we replace the motor entirely, rather than split the case and try to repair the gearbox. Since my engine already had 92,000 miles on it, I jumped on the opportunity when we found a decently priced 800cc motor (the VT800 was only made one year, so this was a rare find) with less than 45,000 miles on it. Jake requested the money to order the engine, sent me a receipt immediately, then told me he would get back to me when it showed up. About a week later, the motor rolled in and Jake came to pick up my bike at a time that was convenient for me, charging only $100 bucks for the tow (even though I live over an hour away from his shop - compare this to the $140 bucks a nearby shop charges, in addition to a mandatory $100 fee just for inspection). Jake began the repairs that night and had the old engine out and the new one in within a matter of a couple days. On account of the fact that the previous motor was so old and had never been removed from the frame, there were a few extra parts that needed to be ordered to get the bike back to 100%. Jake informed me of the issue, sending pictures so that I could see it with my own eyes, and gave me a rough estimate before ordering the parts (even though they only cost about 10 bucks each - 4 intake boots, 2 seals for the coolant system). Unfortunately, because these parts are hard to come by, it took slightly longer than expected for them to ship (one part had to be ordered from ebay because Honda had discontinued it). However, Jake made it his duty to get those parts on the bike as soon as they arrived. He informed me that the bike was ready for pickup, and that I could come out that night (even as late as 9PM) to pick it up.

The Shop:
When I arrived at the location of Jake's shop, I was blown away by how professional his work-stations appeared (clean, neat, organized). With a limited amount of space, Jake had set himself up a veritable repair shop with all the amenities. I was impressed by the fact that he had so much work on his plate and was still able to get my bike done in a timely fashion. While I was there, Jake went over all of the repairs he had done to my bike in detail, including showing me some pictures of the newly-cleaned carbs (which he had done after sending me a picture of the old, extremely dirty carbs and suggesting -not demanding- that I have them cleaned as well). Jake even offered me the chance to keep my old engine, which I declined. Ultimately, it was crystal clear that Sandbaggers was a professional outfit - not just some dirty shop run out of somebody's garage.

The Bad???
If there is a single negative side to my experience with Sandbaggers, it would be that Jake was a bit optimistic in terms of turn-around time. It is simply very difficult to find replacement parts for this type of motorcycle, and ordering parts from out-of-state can take some time. However, it is evident that this is simply an expression of the enthusiasm and devotion Jake puts into motorcycle repairs. Once he had the parts, there was no foot-dragging or excuses - he just GOT IT DONE (even working on the weekend, which I know from experience no mechanic wants to do).

The Takeaway:
Jake is a hard worker, knowledgeable, respectful, professional, and friendly. He treats his customers as peers, not fools, and was honest and upfront with every detail of the repair he did on my baby. If you are looking for a solid, no-nonsense mechanic in the Los Angeles area, I can't recommend Sandbaggers enough.

-From Yelp


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